Shipping Containers have a 60 year track record as one of the most profitable and safest sources  of passive income. But there is one small problem with them... 

Whilst the returns can be very high! Sea faring cargo containers 
can also devalue quickly due to the strenuous shipping and travel itineraries, picking up a new scar in each port and slowly succumbing to the salty air they reside in! The returns are often based on their new value and after the first few years, returns can drop sharply. Then there's the problem that you don't know actually know where it is in the world and whilst some container investments offer guaranteed buy backs, it rarely (if ever) includes the freight costs to get your beaten up container home which likely far outweighs the value!

So here's something completely different we think you'll like!
We NEED quality shipping containers for Self Storage Facilities!
So if you BUY one... We'll pay you a 15% Rental Return!

No Sea Going Trips - No Transporting - No Ports - No Damage!



PARKLAND'S manage and own Self Storage facilities in Australia and we need "A" Grade Shipping Containers for our storage clients to store their furniture and goods! The cost of containers is high for us relative to the rental and fixed costs of running a storage facility, so we offer clever investment clients the chance to invest in the ultimate high profit returns with 100% NO RISK!

Perfect for people wanting HIGH RETURNS with a small amount of money to invest!

It's super simple! You buy a container and we rent it from you with a minimum 15% return paid weekly or monthly! No end of year waiting for profit and no fees! And all the time you own it and can actually come and visit it! It's not lost in a foreign shipping port and you can take it back or sell it anytime with a small amount of notice! 

We do ALL the work for you!  We'll find a great "A" Grade Shipping Container from one of our suppliers and get the invoice sent to you direct! Once paid, the container is delivered to one of our self storage yards (you will be advised where prior) and we start paying you 15% return in rent each and every week! (Even if it's empty!)
Yes! Every single week!! ... Even if it's empty!

  • Containers are top quality configured for Storage

  • Your container is always yours!

  • Your container is in Australia (You can visit it)

  • Your container does not move! (Ever)

  • Your container is not getting kicked around from Port to Port!

  • Your container is not rusting out on a wharf or ship!

  • Make even more by depreciating your container (See your accountant)


Just like Property only better!
Shipping container rental is a very similar process to renting out a unit via a managed letting pool in a resort or apartment block, only there are no rates, fees or strata's! 

If you bought a townhouse on the Gold Coast you would give it to a letting agent or property manager to rent out and manage! This is almost identical except, we are the tenant, we manage your investment and you get guaranteed returns! There are no on going maintenance costs and we look after any service issues.

Entering the property market is hard and the returns are nothing like they used to be! Generally speaking you can expect a loss in most areas over a 5 year period and worse over 20 years unless capital growth is strong in your area! 

We only open up Container Investment once a year, as we need tenants to fill them! (Supply and Demand!)
We are currently looking for another 10 (2020). 

Interested? Please contact us



You will receive the full invoice documentation in your name, as the legal and rightful owner of all containers purchased. All containers are built to full ISO-standards. As hard assets, containers do not fluctuate in value like financial assets. They will not lose their value entirely as they hold material and functional value. The Rental Agreement is written into a binding contract so you get your money every week (or month!).

Your container is in Australia and you can visit it!


With our rental agreement, you can sell your container at ANY TIME! (with 90 Days Notice) We also guarantee an 85% buy back price in the first 5 years or 75% buy back for the following 6 - 10 years if you'd rather not go to the trouble! You can take possession or sell your asset at any time (Between storage clients).

  • It Never leaves the Storage Facility

  • It is sited in Australia (You can see it!)

  • We will buy it back if you want to sell!

  • No travelling or Shipping!

  • You own it!


Where else can you get 15% on your money with NO RISK, INCLUDES AN ASSET and NO ON GOING FEES!?

This is a reliable and fixed return of 15% each and every year.
The rate is fixed, so you can be assured of the same income every month (or week). It is not linked to the value of a depreciating asset.

Return On Investment:

For an initial capital investment of $3650 (Cost of container) you would receive $547 every year (GST may apply)

Container rental typically out performs any other kind of passive investment. If you have 3 containers, you can receive your income every month or week. If you have less than 3, you will receive your income weekly.

Frequently asked questions

How Long Will You Rent It for?

Its just like a property management agreement! We'll keep renting it as long as you leave it with us! But we offer 5 & 10 Year Agreements up front. You can sell it back to us at anytime!

How Much Does A Container Cost?

The cost varies slightly, as we always try and get the best possible price for our clients, but at the moment it is about $3650 per container plus delivery to the facility. The next batch will likely go into SA in the new Limestone Coast facility. And then we will be taking more for another new facility in Murray Bridge (SA). Clients (Landlords) always know exactly where their containers are being delivered to (This will be on the delivery invoice anyway).

What Size Are They?

The containers are 20'.

Do I Still Get Rent If You Don't Have A Tennant For It?

YES! Doesn't Matter! You get your rent every week regardless!

Do I Get A 15% Return On The Total Value?

You recieve a 15% rental payment on your intial purchase price, so if you bought a container and it cost $3650, you would recieve $547.50 Per year. ($45.63 Per Month) The delivery costs are paid direct by you. Delivery can cost bewteen $350 and $650 depending on where it is going. If you bought 4 - $14,600 = $182.52 Per Month (Try and get that with property!)

Say you spent the same as a small cheap Unit ... Value $160,000
= 43 Containers. Return $24,000 PA = $2000 Per Month! ($461 Per Week)

+ No Maintenance, No Fees, No Rates, No Captial Gains, No Emergency Services Levy, No Management Fees, No Selling fees, A Guaranteed Buyer (If Needed)

If you want to get returns even on your delivery costs inclusive, we offer 12% Rent Returns on TOTAL invoice, which may be attractive if delivery costs are higher.

Can I Sell It or Collect it?

It's your container! Of course you can!

With our rental agreement, you can sell your container at ANY TIME! If you want to sell it to us, we guarantee an 85% buy back price in the first 5 years or 75% buy back for the following 6 - 10 years.

You can take possession or sell your asset at any time (Between storage clients).
You may have to wait till it doesnt have a tenant but you get rent right up till the time of sale.

Are The Containers New? (What is "A" Grade)

The containers we accept are rated as New / Nearly New, However most will have done 1 trip. Please see this link to see how containers are graded

I Have My Own Container! Will You Take This?

Maybe! We only take Near New Containers that match our fleet specifification:
Easy Open Doors, Anti Theft Lock, Extra Venting, Colour Match.

So if you have this, then yes! We would rent it from you at 15% of its valuation.
We may not offer an buy back options.

If you have a different container that is A Grade or Near New we may look at it for a slightly reduced rental amount.

In both situation, you would need to arrange transport to our facilities.

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